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Ovidio is a restaurant located in Belgrano, a nice neighborhood located in the capital of Buenos Aires. Its owner has been in gastronomy for more than 50 years and with Ovidio he pays homage to his Italian origins and to his grandfather, the first gastronomic in the family to bear that name.


"Project for company."
Maweblocks is a building-block toy designed by Pedro Chumillas launched in Spain in 2023.
I designed the logo along with the brand manual, the stationery and its packaging, among other things.

Conceptually, I wanted to emphasize the various and diverse aspects of this great game. There are infinite possibilities represented by a single piece called “Mawe” and this is why I chose it to be the image of the brand. Similar to the game, I knew it was very important for the graphics to be versatile and to have a wide color palette.