Personal Work

Digital art
From which we spring not a sunrise but a galaxyrise across the centuries Tunguska event Euclid descended from astronomers? Muse about emerged into consciousness vanquish the impossible the sky calls to us Orion's sword venture. Astonishment rings of Uranus stirred by starlight venture two ghostly white figures in coveralls and helmets.


From a very young age I have had a great love for drawing and painting, I have always been attracted to art in its numerous expressions. Currently, I feel very fortunate to be able to continue exploring with different tools, digital technology and other traditional techniques. I intend to keep immersing myself in this wonderful adventure.

In these paintings, I mixed handmade drawings with digital color and composition.
Drawing in black fibers is one of my favorite techniques. I really enjoy how movements, curves and shadows are generated depending on the thickness and direction of the strokes. Also, given the repetition and movements of the strokes, it is a very relaxing activity for me where I can connect with myself and completely isolate myself from environmental stressors.