Arte Home

Brand identityGraphic design
Ovidio is a restaurant located in Belgrano, a nice neighborhood located in the capital of Buenos Aires. Its owner has been in gastronomy for more than 50 years and with Ovidio he pays homage to his Italian origins and to his grandfather, the first gastronomic in the family to bear that name.


Arte Home is a new brand dedicated to Home Staging, located in Málaga, Spain. Its owners are two women who are dedicated to the makeover of properties that will be then placed on the market to sell or rent.
Initially, we worked together on the construction of a moodboard to find the right aesthetic with which they identified. We decided to use the lotus flower as the ISO of the brand because of its meaning in Feng Shui, so I worked on the aesthetics using that concept.


Together with the brandbook, I designed a brochure and stationery for the launching of the brand. At the moment, we are in contact and working together.